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Sash Cord Replacement London Service
Sash cord repairs may be needed after many years of use and replacing sash cords does not need to be expensive. You sash windows that have the old sash cords may look shabby, show signs of decay or they may be covered in paint. Painted ropes become brittle and, like decayed ropes, will eventually snap. We offer a cheap sash cord repair service with prices starting from just £45 per cord
The sash cords we supply are made from waxed cotton and contain a polypropylene core. The wax protects the cotton, allows for self lubrication on the pulley wheel while the nylon core provides inner strength. This type of rope will last for generations and is the type of rope more suited to typical domestic properties with sash windows.
We can supply other types of rope. For example, Pure white double braided Nylon or Red Fleck waxed cotton of the type often seen in historic properties.
However, to ensure that the ropes continue to look smart and function properly it is still important to keep them free of paint. (ask your decorator to apply Vaseline to the ropes prior to painting!)
Having your sash windows renovated, draught proofed and kept in top notch condition not only provides added insulation in the winter but also has other advantages in the summer time too!
sash window draught proofing services
For information on our charges please call us for a Quotation on 0800 689 9191
We are happy to quote for most minor things over the phone.
If your windows appear to have good sash cords attached but do not stay open your windows may need re-balancing.
Visit our Sash window renovation page for more information.
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