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London Sash Window Refurbishment
Prior to renovating your sash windows it is vital that we ensure that the weights that balance the window are sufficient and accurately measured. We always perform a window weight test as standard before commencing any sash cord replacement work and if a problem is found and it is minor we can usually rectify it quickly and cost effectively on site by fitting lead make weights to your existing cast weights.
Sash Weights
These are the big iron or lead things inside the sash box that counterbalance the weight of the window.
Occasionally we find that the weights are insufficient to cope with the window but it’s rare. We will bring any problems like this to your attention and discuss the options.
Reclaimed cast weights are normally available from our suppliers in West London and are generally a more cost effective solution than having new cast lead weights made.
Sash Cord Replacement
Part of the basics when renovating a box sash window will involve replacing the sash cords. Modern sash cords have a nylon core that prevents the cord from decay and also adds strength to the rope. This added strength is vital if you are considering upgrading from standard 4mm single glazed glass to heavier double glazing.
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Pulley wheels
If your pulley wheels are no longer working we can replace them. Often, however, the existing pulleys can be made to work once the paint has been removed and with some lubrication. If the pulley wheel mechanism is broken and needs to be replaced you can choose from polished brass, polished chrome, satin chrome, satin nickel or more typically and more economically the mild steel/nylon wheel combination. This type of pulley wheel will blend in nicely with a painted sash box and will last for many years to come.
Sash Window Renovation Basics
Sash window refurbishment and overhauling starts with servicing the box sash window to ensure that it functions and operates in the way that it was originally designed to. On completion all sliding sashes should open and close as intended, be rattle free and also have the added benefit of being fitted with integrated, discreet draught proofing brushes on all runs.
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