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If you are considering replacement of your windows but are still unsure of which type of window product to go for then please read our
(ever so slightly bias) article on the benefits of timber windows & doors.
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Why choose wooden windows?
Timber windows when compared to PVCu or metal windows win hands down every time.
They not only look fantastic and create a warm home environment but they are also much kinder on the global environment too.
When it comes to being environmentally friendly we take all the measures we can to ensure that we are doing the right thing by our Planet. 
We only use Timber from Sustainable Sources
All of our wood and timber is located and purchased from a sustainable source so that our products created are 100% environmentally friendly.  This offers our industry and through our trade partners a way of promoting all the benefits to the environment by using wood from sustainable sources.
Our Wood is Sourced from the UK
If we have to use to a special wood from another country we make sure that it abides by all international environmental laws to ensure that the environment is protected at every step of the journey.  Our UK sourced timber comes from the very best sawmills.
We Specialise in Window Restoration
Our advocation for recycling is well known and we always say that if we can restore a window then we will.  We hate to see old windows on the scrapheap that could so easily be restored to their original beauty but of course if your window is in such a bad way that it cannot be restored then we offer a fine design service to make sure the new window exactly fits your décor and period style. 
Not only does window restoration offer a chance to be incredibly environmentally friendly but it is also great for your wallet as most of the time Restoration works out cheaper than a brand new window.
We never use uPVC
We believe it to be the scourge of the industry and is so much more damaging to the environment than most people realise. Our thoughts on the cheap factory plastic window are well known and aside from all the environmental reasons – they just don't look as good as wooden windows.
Wood is a Natural Insulant
Wood allows for better insulation than plastic or most other materials because of its fine grains and compact nature. If you are using wood on your windows then you are less likely to have the heating on for as long in the cold months as you would with plastic windows. More heat escapes through plastic windows as it does through wooden framed windows.
Longevity of Wooden Windows.
Timber windows have a life span of around 60 years which is so much more than that of plastic windows. Once a plastic window has reached the end of it's life it is simply discarded as it cannot be recycled. Wood on the other hand has many uses when it reaches the stage where it cannot be restored.
Biomass fuel is the most popular choice and is a great way to recycle wood at the end of it's life so by using real hardwood in your windows and doors you really are protecting your environment and ensuring that future generations are well looked after also!
We take pride in our environment and we are constantly finding new and innovative ways to make sure we are as environmentally friendly as we can be. By using Sash window repairs London  you are using a company that takes our Green credentials very seriously indeed and can be trusted to ensure the work is completed to the highest of standards.
Wooden Windows In A New House
Windows are an important component of any building. Not only are they required to bring freshness inside rooms but also have aesthetic properties.
Home owners are often faced with the daunting task of choosing between vinyl and wooden windows as they seek to replace them. Different people will prefer either of the two materials depending on the advantages that each has over the other.
Price is, of course, an important factor to consider in making this decision. Buying and fixing wooden designs is more expensive than the cost for vinyl. The price for wood also depends on whether it is hardwood or softwood.
A 36 by 54 inch double hung with insulated glass costs USD 270 if made of pine and USD if made of a hardwood such as mahogany. If the same is made of vinyl, it is much cheaper.
Better insulation is achieved with wood compared to vinyl. This is most significant in an area that is prone to adverse weather conditions. During extreme winter conditions, there is need to ensure that as little heat as possible is lost form the house. During summer, there is need to ensure that room temperature does not rise to extremes. In both cases wood is an ideal material especially if it is weather stripped.
When making a replacement, the theme of the house is an important consideration. Wood provides a wide range of options to the home owner. The window can be painted into different colours to fit into the pre-existing theme. Vinyl is restricted to only three colours that include white, bronze and tan thus the options are a bit limited here.
Other than the high cost, there are a few other disadvantages that may discourage buyers. One of these disadvantages is the fact that these windows are a bit difficult to clean. They need to be handled carefully during repairs and cleaning using cotton gloves. This helps avoid grease, oil and dirt that may spoil the window. Unlike vinyl, wood needs regular cleaning to prolong its life.
As long as they are well-maintained, these windows last for a long time. Some of the maintenance required includes guarding against staining through continuous treatments. Failure to properly maintain may lead to rotting and weathering. Once in a while, the window may swell up after imbibing moisture something that makes it difficult to either open or shut.
The low price of vinyl is probably the greatest reason as to why it is greatly preferred. Other possible explanations include the fact that a vinyl window is easier to fix.
Even if one has not made up their minds on which direction to take, it is still possible to have a window made of both wood and vinyl.
It is a good idea to seek professional advice when making changes involving wooden windows particularly if these changes include replacements. Sometimes there is no need to replace and just a few repairs are adequate. This is especially common in case of old houses where the great look of the house may be lost by making changes.
In addition, new wood may not last as long as the original one that was used.

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