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If repairing your sash windows is not economically viable our workshop designs and creates bespoke reproduction double glazed wooden windows in London in the most sympathetic way possible to match the Period & Era of your home
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Welcome to sash window repairs London, as you are no doubt aware we are one of London's most well known wooden window restoration specialists and wooden window services.
The thing that distinguishes us from other businesses is that it is our policy to take conservation and historic architecture first above all.
If your timber framed windows and doors are in a condition that is deemed "too far gone" for restoration then the obvious next step would be replacement.
We have been manufacturing reproduction wooden windows since 1985 and have always used traditional manufacturing processes to ensure that your new windows do not look out of place in your period property.
Most good quality modern double glazed wood windows are made entirely with UK building regulations in mind, which in principal is very good. The problem is that with some of these windows although they may comply with regulations, once fitted they may not suite the period features and architecture of the house in the same way as the original windows did.
The reason for this is that typical double glazed units will be on average 20mm thick as opposed to the 3mm thick glass of your 100+ year old original sash windows. 
Off the shelf factory finished double glazed timber windows will be far deeper, protruding into your home and can result in you having to re-plaster interior walls to hide the increased depth with the unavoidable result of a reduction in space within the room!
One of the benefits of using us to supply replacement windows is that our windows not only comply with ALL current building regulations but they also utilise a modern type of double glazed unit sometimes referred to as Slimline glass.
The result is that you will have A rated wooden windows that actually look like the ones that they replaced in every possible way. We even take templates of the windows you want replaced to ensure that your new windows will be exact replicas, made entirely of hardwood and still double glazed.
All the wooden windows that we produce are both fully compliant with all current UK Building regulations and they are suitable for conservation areas and even listed buildings.
Muntin's or glazing bars on all our Georgian period style windows can be as thin as the original bars found on historic geogian windows. Most factory made Georgian style windows will have stick on strips on one large double glazed unit to try to replicate the thin original muntins. This might seem like a good idea at the time but you must consider the consequences in the future should the glass need re glazing, as all the stick on glazing bars will need to be removed before the glass can be replaced - very expensive!
"All our wooden windows are made in entirely the same way as they would have been made 150 years ago and all our wooden windows are made in west London.
We do not use plastic parts or components borrowed from the PVCu industry for any of our windows. In fact our chain of thought is that if a design is brilliant then why try to better it?
There are literally thousands of buildings across the UK that still have the original windows intact from right back when the house was first built. The fact that these windows are still with us to date and over a hundred years on is quite literally a testament to the traditional joinery methods employed back then.
For this very reason we still continue to make our windows using the very same manufacturing processes that would have been used 150 years ago. This joinery knowledge has been passed down to us from one generation to the next, we hold on to our workmanship and techniques with the utmost of pride and respect.
We are so confident in our old fashioned, time tested, hand crafted windows that we provide a lifetime guarantee on all our windows, subject to fair and reasonable maintenance of course.
For further details or if you wish for us to provide you with a quote for wooden windows west London and you live in London then we would love to here from you.
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