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Secondary Glazing, is it really the best solution?
By The REAL Wooden Window Experts
Arched victorian sash window in IslingtonOriginal period wooden sash windows and casement windows can often be very draughty, it can also result in street noise pollution entering the home environment.
The first option for many home owners facing insulation problems is the replacement of their original period wooden windows with new wooden double glazed sash windows, this option can be very expensive and may not be legal should you live in a conservation area.
Other options can include Upvc double glazed window replacement but this seems to be on the decline in London due to the fact that fitting plastic windows can potentially to cause property devaluation and can also create an undesirable image for your Victorian property.
One of the most common choices is the fitting of secondary glazing frames, this is a very effective solution to both noise pollution and draught issues.
Secondary glazing frames are manufactured in wood, aluminium (powder coated) and sometimes Upvc, with wooden secondary glazing frames being the most popular as it, if done professionally can be fitted in such a way as to complement your existing wooden windows. 
Secondary glazing however, does have a some rather bad downsides that few secondary glazing companies in London will inform you of;
When fitting secondary glazing against single glazed windows you have to consider simple basic physics, in winter months (typically when you rely most on the insulation method of your choice) cold air on the outside crossed with a warm environment within the home inevitably results in condensation forming between the two panes of glass, this water will need to be moped up on a daily basis and if left can and will cause rot and decay to set in from the insides of your windows!
We have found with the many years of trading that some of the worst cases of wooden window decay and deterioration is often be caused by condensation building up and penetrating the timber joinery of your windows.
Sash Window Draught Proofing eliminates the need for secondary glazing and costs a fraction of the cost of secondary glazing:
Sash window draught proofing eliminates draughts and can hugely improve sound insulation in your home! There are many different ways of sash window draught proofing but as far as we are concerned the most efficient way is the Reddiseal system.
By routing a sash window and inserting insulation brushes you will never get the same results as the professional methods used by us.
With your windows fully insulated you will pay much less for the work and also obtain breathtaking insulating results whilst retaining the aesthetics of your original windows and virtually eliminating the condensation problems as previously mentioned.
Whats more, thanks to a brilliant eco-driven government scheme, our customers only pay 5% VAT on any sash window insulation/draught proofing work that we undertake.
For more information on Sash window draught proofing please visit our dedicated page here which details just how we are able to achieve the results we are now so famous for.
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