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Our Guide to Casement Windows and Sash Windows 
We Restore, manufacture and design many types of windows, our main focus has always been to make sure our customer receives their order exactly as they desire. We provide both restoration and the manufacture of high quality wooden Casement windows.
So by now you may be wondering; is there really such a big difference between Casement and Sash Windows?  Well, yes there is a huge difference in design and even restoration process - Let's just go through exactly what each Window is like.
What is a Casement Window?
Casement Windows or just simply – casements, are a type of window that is attached to it's frame by hinges on the side of the frames.
If there hinges are at the top then the window is called an awning window and at the bottom, a Hopper window!
Casement windows were used long before Sash Windows were introduced and more often than not the glass panes were held steady with strips of lead. Some countries in Scandinavia still use these type of windows and have been the standard for many centuries.
What is a Box Sash Window?
Sash Windows are designed using one or more movable framed panels that each holds one or numerous panes of glass.
Sash windows tend to open vertically or horizontally in a style known as a Yorkshire Light.  The oldest surviving Sash Windows were designed and installed in the late 17 century and even windows from that era can still be restored without the need for entire replacements to be done.
Sash Windows are normally found in Georgian and Victorian properties and have the standard three panes of glass across and two up on each sliding panel.
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"We are here to help, even if you just need good, straight forward honest advice but are simply just unsure what to do with your windows.
We have a strict "No Salesperson" policy so your call will only ever be answered by either one of our qualified joiners or a fully qualified surveyor. No sales pitch, just helpful advice whether you plan to use us or not!
Restoration of sash windows in London
Specialists in Wooden Window Restoration
Sash window repairs London specialise in the restoration of old windows especially Casement and Box sash windows although our repertoire extends to many other types. If an original window can be saved and restored then we believe this is absolutely the correct thing to do!
If your window is beyond repair then we can create a working reproduction design based on the original window. We are experts in this field and we can replicate any period window with any type of interior mouldings. Every single window we design and manufacture is bespoke and created to be totally customised to your needs.
We build to your exact requirements, not a standard off the shelf design, each window we make is 100% unique and hand crafted and designed in our workshop.
Our primary aim is to restore the property's original features with an incredible eye to detail. We keep the original feel so that is fits perfectly with your property but will also update it with Double Glazing to ensure all the benefits of a modern window.
Your Window is moulded to become part of your home as if it were the original version and if we are restoring it for you then we bring back to life the splendor of a long lost era.
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