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We are experts in creating bespoke custom period doors from most eras including Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian.  Alongside this great service we also design and build any type of modern contemporary door to your requirements using only the finest Hardwoods available.
All our doors are unique and never are two doors the same, all are bespoke and made especially for your requirements and needs.  We never produce a standard or poor quality door.  We custom build from scratch to you exact requirements.
We have been in business since 1985 and at our workshop in London we have become the number one manufacturer and designer of bespoke wooden windows and doors.  We are professionals in restoration and bespoke re-designs and our service record has been and always will be – exemplary.
We only use the finest materials in our creations including the best quality Hardwoods, we use hardwood because it is guaranteed to last and is effective against all weather conditions and insect invasions!
We design completely bespoke period doors and offer highly detailed recreations of different periods right down to the correct placement of the knockers and handles and many other details that most door providers would overlook.
By using sash window repairs London you are assured of a completely professional, friendly, and high quality service.  We never let our customers down and make sure that you are happy right from the outset.  Our restoration techniques and design services give you a huge range of choice of the best products available today and from the past. 
Contact us today to discuss all your window or door needs.
0800 689 9191
All our wooden Doors are made to order in our workshop in London
But why should you use us for your bespoke door reproduction?
  • We have been in the business since 1985 and have our very own workshop in London, for many years now we have been the number one manufacturer and designer of custom built windows and doors.
  • Everything we do is unique, no two windows or doors are ever alike and we pride ourselves on our custom designs and bespoke creations. You are guaranteed to get a completely personal service with us.
  • We are Restoration experts and our services are used all over the UK, we are highly professional in our services and offer you simply the best restoration services for windows and doors in the UK
  • Our reputation is top notch and is there for a very good reason, we never leave a customer unsatisfied and we take pride in every step of the restoration and design of your products.
  • Our Restoration services often cost less than completely new products so you can be rest assured of saving money and saving the planet at the same time!
We have a huge knowledge of doors and windows of all ages and eras and are best placed to expertly provide you with a perfect replica of any period door. 
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