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We consider ourselves here at Sash window repairs London to be experts at replacing sash windows. It is quite possible for us to make new wooden sash windows or even wooden casement windows that are double glazed that will fit into your original period box frame or casement frame.
" This service is very straight forward and can cost far less than the complete replacement of an entire box sash window.
By using your original box frame the disruption to your home environment is massively reduced and the risk of the client having the need to re-plaster interior walls and then redecorate (as is often the case with full box sash window replacement) is eliminated.
Your old tired single glazed sash windows can be measured up by one of our top craftsmen to make exact replicas with virtually ANY style of interior moulding, and of course - we only use hard wood.
Double Glazed Sash Windows
to fit your original box?
Double glazed sash windows fitted to the original period box - click here for more information about sash window replacement services
Allowing for a slightly deeper rebate for the new slim-line double glazed panes your new timber double glazed sash windows should fit snug in your old box, and will look virtually the same as the ones that they replaced.
We then upgrade your weight system to counter balance the new sash windows as the double glazed sash windows will effectively be double the weight of the old. A full mechanical service of the box will also be performed to ensure that the new sash windows function correctly and are fully draught insulated.
This method is perfect for London homes as many sash windows in London are 100 years or more old. With this method the client will end up retaining the main part of the sash window - the box frame. It is also far more environmentally friendly as waste, manufacturing and consumable materials are all greatly reduced in the procedure.
If you are interested in replacement sash windows why not give us a call?  After all it’s what we do best!