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Draught proofing sash windows in London  - With a price tag you’re more likely to find outside of London!
Houses & Offices with the original period box sash windows still in place or indeed replacement sash windows that are not draught proofed can get extremely cold during winter months.
A recent study in Scotland reported evidence that if one was to gather up all the gaps and cracks on the average “un-draught proofed” box sash window and put them all into one circumference it would produce on average a hole in your window the size of a tennis ball!
If indeed you did have a hole in your wall of this size it would be fair to say that one would no doubt remedy the situation very quickly, as if not, your heating bills would soar and the discomfort it would cause would be unbearable.
Just having your sash windows draught proofed alone is quite possibly one of the best ways to reduce heating costs during the winter months.
If you were to combine sash window draught proofing with roof insulation & wall insulation the savings each year would be quite considerable.
Here at Sash window repairs London we utilise what we feel is the most efficient system available and we can also carry out full renovation / refurbishment of the box sash window too. Please click here to see the full specification of our sash window draught proofing service, we are sure that you will agree that it is possibly one of the most comprehensive well priced sash window draught proofing services available in London.
More valuable draught proofing information can be found here courtesy of English Heritage
Our sash window workshop in west London, we make all our own timber beadings in house - Passing the savings on to you!
Sash Window Draught Proofing London
It is also quite possible that whilst we are carrying out the sash window draught proofing and refurbishment work that you may be able to upgrade your old single glazed sash windows to new wooden double glazed sash windows that will fit into your existing sash box.
As long as each sash window has a depth of at least 3.5cm we can make reproduction double glazed timber sliding sash windows, have them fully decorated to match your box frame and simply pop them into your newly draught proofed frames.
"All this at very affordable prices to boot!
Our sash window draught stripping services start at a jaw dropping £80 per box frame* with new double glazed hardwood sash windows manufactured and fitted from as little as £500 per sash.
Why not give us a call today to see what we can do for you? In most cases we are quite happy to give guide quotes over the telephone. Call us on 0800 689 9191 for a free no obligation quote.
*Our basic draught proofing only service does not include any overhauling, renovation or balancing work. Only suitable for windows in reasonable working order prior to our arrival. If windows need servicing additional costs may apply.
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