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A Fully Independent, Non Bias
Sash Window Restoration Advice Service?
Sash window restoration or sash window replacement?
With so many sash window companies in London to choose from it can be very hard to decide on what the right thing to do with your sash windows is.
You could quite easily call up several sash window repair services and obtain quotations for what they consider to be the best solution to your sash windows and no doubt every single quotation you receive will differ from advice ranging from complete replacement box sash windows to refurbishment or even perhaps retrofit double glazed sash windows utilising your existing fixed box frames. 
Rest assured here at Sash window repairs London we are not in the game of selling you products or services. Unlike all other sash window repair companies we are more of an advice bureau and do not send out salespeople to “guide” you on what is the best thing to do.
What we do is actually send out a professional surveyor to look at your windows and provide you with advice and solutions based on cost effectiveness and also the ethical thing to do with your windows. Many timber windows in London and around the UK are in fact well over a hundred years old so it is our opinion that they are indeed antiques! 
 Once we have provided you with our recommendations we can of course provide a costing for the work and if you like we will arrange for one of our many reputable members to carry out the work for you. There are no commissions involved as all our members pay a yearly subscription that covers the survey fees.  
So what would you prefer?
A salesperson on a large commission giving you “advice” or a professional non bias surveyor giving you good solid advice that you can then take forward and obtain quotes from other companies to carry out the work should you want to. All our surveyors are paid for by membership fees of our members so you as a client receive complete peace of mind in the full knowledge that the person to whom you are talking with is not there to sell you a single thing.  Obviously from our members point of view they would love you to consider using us to conduct the work but as an organisation it makes no difference to us at all.
Our association is funded purely on membership fees so you can be rest assured of zero selling tactics, as well as…..just good old fashioned professional advice from someone who is paid to provide you with the best solution possible based on your particular needs. 
To our knowledge no other sash window repair advice service exists in the UK, all other sash window services are companies making profit from selling you services and or new windows.  
Why not call us today for free on 0800 689 9191 for free advice and even a free consultation?
 If you want to use one of our reputable fully endorsed members its up to you…no pressure.
Or, simply take our free survey and show it to future salespeople from other sash window companies in London that you may wish to visit you. You will then be empowered with our advice and the survey we have provided to instruct them on what it is you actually NEED and not what someone is trying to sell you.