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Frequently Asked Questions
Are wooden windows more expensive than PVCu windows?
It is a common misconception that timber windows and doors are more expensive than plastic windows.
We frequently provide quotations for double glazed wooden windows throughout London and our quotations almost always beat all the major national PVCu window manufacturers prices.
Wooden windows not only look more attractive than plastic they will last longer too, if you look after your replacement wood windows they can last well over 100 years. Plastic and metal windows will last up to 30 years and then they will need replacement, you can not redecorate a plastic window so replacement will be your only option.
Can I have double glazed wooden windows in a conservation area or a listed building?
If you buy mass produced factory finished “off the shelf” timber windows then it will quite likely be that they will not be suitable for listed buildings or properties in conservation areas. All our wooden windows are completely bespoke and we can replicate and reproduce any period window you may require and with super slim double glazing units installed (sometimes referred to as “Slim-line glass) your replacement windows will please both building control and the conservation officer. We have fitted literally hundreds of double glazed wooden windows in both listed buildings and conservation areas and all have passed all restrictions in place.
Do I need to replace my sash windows if they are rattling and draughty?
Probably not, if you have original sash windows in your property then they will most likely be over 100 years old.
Effectively these types of sash windows in our opinion are antiques, so if at all possible they should not be replaced.
Generally a full overhaul and refurbishment of the box sash windows will make them function correctly again and with new draught excluding part and staff beads fitted the windows will no longer rattle and virtually every draught will be stopped.
Why do we only use hardwood when we make windows?
We have always had a very strict policy on only using hardwood when we make windows and doors, the reason for this is quite simple. Hardwood has a much denser grain compared to softwood and as such will out perform redwood or pine every time.
Hardwood windows will last much longer than softwood as it is far more difficult for water to penetrate into the dense grain.
We consider softwood as only fit for interior use and with the British climate being quite wet and humid the only way to provide a top quality long lasting product is to supply all our windows as standard in hardwood.
Do I need to replace the entire window frame if I want double glazed windows?
If you already have wooden windows fitted but want to replace them with double glazed windows then it is normally possible to retain the fixed frames and only replace the sashes or casements within the frame.
We can make exact replicas of your original single glazed windows and fit them into the fixed frames, this option is great for both conservation and finance as you keep over half of the original window and it can also be much more cost effective as you will virtually eliminate the risks of needing to re-plaster and redecorate internal walls.
Are our windows produced in the UK?
All our windows and doors are produced in the UK. We have a very large workshop in west London and we employ some of the UK’s best craftsmen to manufacture extremely high quality windows that are all fully compliant with current UK building control regulations.
Can I order sash windows online?
Many sash window companies have online ordering facilities but we as a company prefer a more traditional approach. We will come free of any charge to measure up for you within the M25 - This eliminates any error on your part and is just one less thing for you to worry about. We receive lots of calls every year from people who have ordered windows and doors online only to find out that the measurements they provided were slightly out, this can be a very expensive mistake to make so why not let us take the burden away from you.
Do you supply wooden windows to the trade?
Since the early part of 2012 we have started to supply timber windows and doors direct to the trade. If you are a tradesperson we offer the same level of customer care that we provide to our domestic clients but without the fitting. All windows and doors will be supplied and delivered direct to your clients address or to any site within the UK. For more details please call our trade window supply line on 0800 689 9191 or visit our traders page here.
We only ever make our windows and doors in hardwood
For more information or to talk directly to one of our joiners please call us on
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