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As such we welcome you to read a little of the local history, fascinating we are sure you will agree.
Interesting Facts About Chiswick
Most people visiting the town of Chiswick today would be surprised to know about some of its unique and interesting historical houses. Some homes were demolished while others are still standing today. Check out these facts about the history of Chiswick and about some of the people who helped to make it what it is today.
The first known inhabitants in this area were thought to be people of the Iron Age. Several artefacts have been discovered disclosing this belief. Parts of armour, swords, and shields have been unearthed that came from that time period. The Romans built roads in the area around the first century AD as well. The early beginnings of this unique city began a long time ago when borders were being fought over and cities were just starting to form.
Throughout the years, starting around the 1300s, mansions and stately homes were built in the town that have become famous. Some homes, like the one built by King Richard II in 1396, had a great influence on the area and the people living there at that time. The Chiswick House, built by the 3rd Earl of Burlington, was first meant to be more of museum than a home to live in.
In the year 1602, Queen Elizabeth visited and was entertained at the Corney House. This mansion was owned by the first ruler of Bedford, John Lord Russell. Unfortunately, this historical event did not make the difference as the property was exchanged between owners until in 1832 when it was demolished. The home was owned by at that time by the Duke of Devonshire.
When people pass by the Chiswick Fire Station, they may not know that the Heathfield House used to stand there. Named for General George Augustus Elliot, this home was said to have the most beautiful garden in all of England. The iron gates that used to be part of the property are now standing at Green Park at the Piccadilly entrance.
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Another home is this town that has gained 
notoriety is the Hogarth House. William Hogarth bought this home when he was 52 years old, already being a famous and established artist. He was regarded as being somewhat unruly in this way of thinking because of the changes he wanted to make about the style of art at that time. He considered this home to be his place of peace on the Thames, an area he loved to spend time at most of life.The Bedford House at Chiswick Mall was purchased by the actor Michael Redgrave in 1945. He, his wife, and two children lived there until 1954. Other famous and influential people lived in this town as well, one being William Sargeant. Sargeant is famous for building several homes in the area while also being the first one to ever build a boat powered by electricity.The homes and places of historical significance are only a little of the history of Chiswick. The tourist considering this destination could appreciate it more than ever by taking the time to delve back in time and see what happened over the years in this quaint and cosy English town.
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