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Doors are very much like windows in the sense that they offer ventilation in to your home and some inner doors have many panes of glass to allow a see-through into another room or the outside spaces.
So having developed our windows restoration service to the whole of the UK we began restoring doors at our workshop as we always believe that if a door or window can be saved then we will do our very best to restore it, if a window or door is beyond repair then we custom design them to appear like the original and become part of the property as was intended to be.
Our Wooden Doors can be made from many different Hardwoods some of which are listed below. 
Some clients have mentioned previous quotes given to them by other companies offering softwood exterior doors, this is a definite no-go area for us and here are just two of the reasons why:
  • Loose Grain – Softwood has loose grain which means it is susceptible to rot and as we all know when wood starts rotting, it looks terrible and can cause immense problems throughout the property.
  • They just don't last – Hardwood is called hardwood for a very good reason – it is engineered to last through all kinds of weather conditions but softwood can be very weak and even if protected well it will eventually succumb to all kinds of problems.  Soft wood is just not sustainable enough and should never be considered as an option.
We manufacture our custom and bespoke designed doors with some of the best hardwoods available.  Hardwood is perfect for exterior and interior doors and lends an air of luxury to your home and gives you peace of mind that your door is protected and built to last a lifetime.
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Here are just some of the Hardwoods we can use in our Manufacturing of the perfect wooden door:
  • Mahogany – This reddish-brown wood is widely used in furniture making for it's tendency to outlive many other types of wood. The name of Mahogany applies to many different kinds of tropical Hardwood
  • Beech – A popular wood for many uses including door making and window sills. Beech Wood shavings are also used in the brewing of Budweiser beer!
  • Walnut – Walnut hardwood is a very heavy wood which varies from light brown to a dark brown, when completely dry it can sometimes appear to be black. It is generally used for luxury furniture and flooring but also for high-end interior and exterior doors.
  • Teak – This hardwood is extensively used to make doors and window frames, it is very resistant to termites and is an effective material for outdoor furniture and exterior doors.
  • Oak – One of the most popular hardwoods is extensively used for doors and windows frames and matures to a beautiful grain look over time, it is also very resistant to all climates and insect attacks.
So if you're looking to have your wooden door restored or a brand new one custom built with a bespoke design like Bi-Fold doors then look no further than our great team herewooden windows and doors are our speciality.
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