The Wooden Window Workshop - Sash Window Restoration Service
Helping Keep the
British Timber Window & Door Manufacturing Industry Alive
All our windows & doors are made in the UK
Buy British
Over the past few years British Manufacturing companies have taken a hit due to the impact of the global economic crisis and also due to the fact that many people have taken their spending powers abroad to cheaper but lower-quality outlets.
We are British through and through and always focus on the need to keep the quality high and offer our customers the highest satisfaction level.
From our humble beginnings we have grown into one of the leading wooden window restoration and design company's in London and the UK. 
This has been through hard graft, quality workmanship and personal relationships with our customers.
Recently we expanded to our Trade Counter offering our great services and products to trade businesses within the London area and beyond.  We are sure that by constantly expanding and continuing to offer our quality products we will be growing our business for many years to come.
"In this era of global financial downturn it is important to spend your money wisely and more importantly to spend it within your own country and community.
Putting money back into Britain instead of spending it abroad will ensure that smaller businesses and British Manufacturing will be around for a long time to come.
Restoration Experts
Our design and manufacturing services are without doubt one of the finest in London and the UK and we strive on a daily basis to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our prices are never beaten and are our quality is never surpassed.
If you are looking to further save money then we can look at the restoration of your windows for you.
Most of the time this can be cheaper than creating a whole new window.
We are experts are replicating and restoring period windows from sash box restoration to casement window restoration, we are the experts in the field and are proud to have restored many period pieces over the years.
Here at Sash window repairs London we advocate the renovation of windows, most of the time they can be saved with a helping hand from us. Other companies would assure you that ripping out and replacing is the way forward but this is not the case and if it can be restored then it should be restored back to it's glory in the days when British manufacturing was at the top of the ladder.
We are fully behind local businesses to bring back the golden era of British manufacturing but we can only do this with your help. Some of the big Window companies that advocate the plague of uPVC windows that has hit our shores over the past few decades are actually foreign owned.
When you buy a window installation from these companies it can be seen as going against British Manufacturing and also, if you have chosen uPVC, damaging to the environment.
So let's keep it British and keep the manufacturing industry alive.
We are doing our utmost to ensure that we are at the forefront of the revival and are proud to be part of an incredible new era of British Manufacturing.
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