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With so many sash window draught proofing companies in London it might be easy to jump to the conclusion that all these sash window draught proofing services are the same.
Here at sash window repairs London we have perfected our draught proofing system by updating and tweaking it over our many years of trading.
Whilst we agree that there are other brilliant sash window companies out there we also know for sure that there are also many sash window services that are using a very old fashioned route system that we feel is ineffective and can also damage your period windows.
To correctly draught proof a sash window the only way it should be done is for all the parting and staff beads to be replaced with new timber reproduction beadings.
These new beads have an integrated draught stripping system inside a track mounted to the surface that touches the running surface of each window.
Combined with a full service of you box sash windows to ensure that they function correctly and do not rattle you will ultimately be left with fully functional windows that will be insulated from both outside noise and the cold air.
If you are considering sash window replacement based on the fact your windows are cold and draughty then we urge you to call us first! With new wooden windows costing in excess of £1500 each you could actually end up making a very large saving indeed.
Why not take a look at our home page, we have video supplied by English Heritage that presents what we feel is a fantastic argument for NOT replacing ones windows! In many cases it really is not necessary at all. Click here
Sash window Draught Proofing London System:
Sash Window Draught proofing can eliminate up to 99% of draughts!Sash Windows can be very draughty, our draught proofing service is ideal and low cost
  • Remove staff beads from box frames.
  • Remove all parting beading (this is the bead that divides the sashes so that they can slide past one another.
  • Repair the part bead channel to ensure it is suitable for the new beading to be installed
  • Fit track system to meeting rails to ensure windows remain draught free whilst in the closed position.
  • Fit the new painted part bead.
  • Hang the original sash windows sash windows back into the box on new nylon core waxed cotton sash cords, ensure balances and lift is correct.
  • Fit new timber staff beads to ensure rattle free operation.
  • Make good to all interior and exterior surfaces of the box sash windows.
We welcome you to call us to discuss your requirements and if you have the time, we also offer a free pre-work site visit. This ensures that your particular sash windows are in a condition or state that the draught stripping service we propose will be of benefit to you.
Often imitated but never equaled our service is the best you will find
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