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A DIY Guide to Sash Cord Replacement
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If your older double hung windows are not working correctly, you may need to do some sash cord repairs to get those windows working like they should.
The window weights are attached to the window its self by means of a cord called a sash cord. The cord is fed over a pulley from the window to the weights. The weights are located behind the window frame in the wall.
As time goes by, the cords start to wear and sometimes break. The lack of the counterbalancing weights can make the window difficult to open. In addition, something must be used to prop open windows that have broken sash cords.
Sash cord repairs are easy to do.
Most windows have an access hole that is located in the lower part of the window behind the window frame. To access this opening you will need to remove the lower window pane.
This portion is held in place by a small wooden trim that is easily removed. Use a sharp utility knife to cut through any paint that may be holding the trim in place. A putty knife will allow you to remove the trim gently without breaking it.
You will also need to remove any metal channel and cut any remaining sash cords. You should be able to remove the lower portion of the window from the assembly. Open the access ports.
The weights should be found inside these ports. Bring them out to attach the new cords which have been lowered over the pulleys.
Open the access box and remove the weights. Thread the new cord over the pulleys using a nail as a weight. Attach the cords to the window weights and then to the window. Now reverse these steps to complete the repair.
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