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The Sash window commonly refers to windows that are based on a particular frame paneling that is found in both Victorian or Georgian era homes and buildings.
The look of original sash windows is unique and deserves to be restored to the best ability possible.
The Georgian style sash window is a window created generally of six small panes that are stacked in two rows of three. These squares of glass are held tightly together by small, thin pieces of wood that we call muntin.
These muntin are part of the window's structure and often require small restorative efforts as well.
With the world being in such a hurry to buy something better and newer and bigger, these windows are actually slowly on decline.
Sash windows are historically significant and any home that is lucky enough to have them should try to retain them.
Sash window restoration is an art in practice.
Sash windows can be removed for sucsesful restoration, the weighted pulley system that hangs inside the frame is more difficult to get to, but it can be fixed and restored as well.
Casement windows can give the same appearance as a sash window from afar, but it is not the same type of window at all.
The sash window slides up and down thanks to a counterweight that is affixed inside the window box.
The casement window is opened via a crank system, allowing the window to open at an angle rather than up and down, Similar to a doors function.
Sash window restoration has become an art form as there are fewer skilled crafts people that can truly handle the job. Fortunately, the sash window is still iconic enough that more and more people are looking toward restoration over replacement.