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Having our main UK Wooden Window Company now based in Isleworth, we have written a little historic information about our local area, Enjoy!
Exploring The History Of Isleworth
The history of Isleworth dates back more than a thousand years. This small town begins as a settlement by the Thames river. It has its roots in Anglo Saxon development and currently has a population of about 20,000 people.
In the year 695 this little town was a Roman and British settlement. This has been proven by diggings around the Syan House vicinity. It was first known as "Gislheresuuyrth" which means an enclosure that owned by a man called Gislhere.
The early part of 1066 saw the Norwegian invasion of England. There were a series of raids on the southern part of England during this time. These raids were led by King Harold's brother Tostig. Later in the year the king of Norway invaded England, and Tostig joined forces with them. Eventually Harold prevailed but it was at great cost and weakened his forces. This made it easier for the next invasion force to prevail.
The little settlement of Isleworth is mentioned in the historic Doomsday Book of 1086. This ancient book recorded a famous survey that included England as well as parts of Wales. This survey was a way for King William I to know what his people have as far as land, livestock, and possessions. This way he could assess taxes on them. According to the survey, the manor in the town was owned by Earl Algar during the reign of Edward the Confessor in the 11th century. In fact, a street within the area still has his name.
By the time of the Doomsday Book, Isleworth was an established settlement by the River Thames, in Middlesex. This settlement was owned by Norman Barons after the time of the great Norman Conquest. This was how William the Conqueror gained control of England from Harold II.
The Norman Conquest brought about extensive change in the area. The ruling class was replaced by foreign influence. There was an influence of the French language and this brought about change to the English language. This was known as the Norman England era to many historians. It brought England more closely in contact with the rest of Europe. It also helped to bring on the historic English and French rivalry that lasted for centuries.In the year 1227 Isleworth was taken by Henry III. The manor was then given to his brother Richard. A moat was dug around the manor. At this time the exact location of the manor is unclear. However, it is believed to have been near Northumberland Arms. A few years later in 1264 the manor was burned to the ground.The Syon Monastery was built in 1415. A century later the monastery was torn down and the Syon house was constructed in 1548, by the Duke of Somerset. Since then, the house has been rebuilt and landscaped several times.Into the 20th century the history of Isleworth continued. Many market gardens have disappeared and have been replaced by artisan development. The town changed from rural to urban in a few decades. Before long the little town of Isleworth had become a part of London expansion. This represents some amazing transformations from 695 to the present.
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